REAL (Ridgetop Early AM Lap) Swimming

Since joining the James River Aquatic Club (JRAC) in 1962, Ridgetop pool has seen thousands of 18&U swimmers complete millions of laps (in aggregate). Now, beginning in 2022, Ridgetop adults can add to that lap count with the REAL Swimming program! REAL stands for “Ridgetop Early AM Laps,” but let’s take a moment to spell out what that really means.

  • Who can sign up, and what is the cost?

    Ridgetop members who are at least 18 years old, and capable of swimming laps unsupervised without a coach or lifeguard, are eligible to participate. The cost is $50 per household.

  • How does the program work?

    REAL Swimming provides pool access for individual exercise. Lap swimming will be self-guided since no workout, coach, or lifeguard will be provided. Registered participants will be given a key to the Ridgetop pool and will be permitted to access the pool to swim laps prior to pool opening.

  • When can REAL Swimmers access the pool?

    Pool access will begin at 5:30 AM on weekdays and Saturdays, so long as weather permits. Exclusive access will conclude each day at the time of pool opening (ranging from 10 AM to noon) or when swim team activities begin (generally around 8 AM). The pool may not be accessed for lap swimming after the pool closes in the evening.

  • Do I need to reserve a lane?

    No. At least 1 lane line will be in each day, and more can be added as needed. Additionally, there will be a clipboard to sign-in each time you visit to track attendance, so that the number of lane lines (or potential group workouts) can be planned as the program evolves.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    The short answer, no. But, if your friend is also a registered participant, yes! Also, it is encouraged that registered participants “buddy-up” to make exercise safer and more fun.

  • What do I need to do to register and pay?

    To register, you’ll need to complete two forms – the Liability Waiver and the Program Participation Agreement – which will ask you to provide your name, contact details, emergency contact, and a signature. You may complete the forms online, or print/sign the forms and send them to Michael Hogg. Payments can be made online through Venmo by clicking the button at the bottom or searching for @ridgetop in the Venmo app. You may also provide a check.

  • How do I get my key?

    Once registered, Michael Hogg will coordinate with you to ensure you get your key in a timely fashion. At the end of the summer, keys will be collected until the following year.