Ridgetop at Midlo Y results

July 1, 2013- Good Evening Swim Fans:

We had a lovely evening at the Midlothian Y. Thanks to everyone for grinning and bearing it through the early rain- we were rewarded with a cool evening, cool kids, and even cooler splashes & moustaches. After the final hand shake and fist bump, the score was:

Ridgetop: 1317

Midlothian Y: 1203

Tonight we had 4 Quadruple Winners:

Tory Farmer, Colin Fenster, Kathryn Strait, and Zoe Trenz

Congratulations also to our 7 Triple Winners:

Schuyler Biltz, Owen DeFrancesca, Kate Farmer, Abby Holland, Hank Holland, Hayden Schwartz, and Ian Stevenson

New Team Record

Congratulations to Tory Farmer, who broke Andrew Strait’s 13-14 standard from 2007 in the 100 free (1:00.32) with a 1:00.07.

Rain or shine, we’ll play at 9am (10 and youngers) or 10 am (older kids).

Congratulations and goodnight!

~Dave, Daria, and Emma