Ridgetop @ CCV Meet Report

The following report is pasted from our website.

On June 8, Ridgetop opened its summer season with a visit to the Country Club of Virginia. This year Ridgetop moved up to the more competitive "Blue" division of JRAC, so we’ll be swimming the largest teams in the league. Some excellent swims by the Riptides could not overcome the depth of the host CCV team, who won 1747-1108. We congratulate them on some excellent swimming and for providing a fine venue and organized meet to start off the season.

Complete meet results are available here.

There were three triple winners for the Riptides: Kate Farmer, Colin Fenster, and Frances Melvin. Kate won the 100 IM, 50 Back and 50 Fly, all in the 11-12 XX category; Colin won the 100 IM (X), 100 Free (X) and 100 Breaststroke (XX) in the 15-18 age group, while Frances swept her individual events in the 100 IM, 50 Free and 50 Back in the 13-14 X category. Now that’s some excellent swimming!

There were two new team records set in the meet: Zoe Trenz set a new mark of 32.22 in the 15-18 50 fly, erasing an 11-year-old record previously held by Ellie Saunders, while Kate Farmer set a new record on 35.18 in the 11-12 50 Back, breaking the mark held by Kate Powers.

The coaches were proud of the swimming performances, enthusiasm and class on display from the Riptide swimmers; keep it up and we’ll see you at next practice! Monday (tomorrow) is a fun practice!

IMPORTANT NOTE: On Friday, June 13, there will be no swim practices

See you at the pool!

Coach Chris

Ridgetop swimming- spring clinic

As in years past, NOVA will offer a Sunday Swim Clinic this spring. It begins on March 2 and runs through May 11 ($100 for first child, $90 for additional). This clinic will provide specialized instruction on stroke technique, starts and turns, and racing tactics for ages 6-18. You have the flexibility of choosing any 1-hour time slot between 2-6pm; however, Ridgetop kids have historically opted for the 2-3pm time slot so our kids can be together.
To sign up, visit the NOVA website. Or, Contact Mike McKee at mckee11@vt.edu. All forms and payment should go to NOVA.


Dave Holland

Ridgetop at Burkwood recap

We had a strong team effort tonight at Burkwood, and the coaches are very proud of the start-to-finish effort. Burkwood pushed us harder than any other team this season, and that translated into many best times, some very close finishes, and lots of fist pumps on our side of the pool J. We had many kids step up and get out of their comfort zone, and the coaches want to salute everyone for fighting and cheering to the finish. In the end, they squeaked by with a well-deserved win:
Burkwood: 1406

Ridgetop: 1343

Both teams finished 5-1 on the season, and enjoyed a celebratory dip in the pool after the relays. Because we scored a few more points than Burkwood in our two meets against each other, we are fortunate to claim the regular season trophy for the Red Division. A trophy will be presented to us at champs. Congratulations to each of you for an outstanding season! Let’s keep this momentum going for next week’s Championships!!

Congratulations to our Quadruple Winner:

Tory Farmer

Congratulations also to our Triple Winners:

Thomas Best, Taylor Biltz, Will Coker, Owen DeFrancesca,

Colin Fenster, Hank Holland, Emily Pilc, and Zoe Trenz

New Team Records

Congratulations to Tory Farmer, who broke the 13-14 boys 50 fly record (30.23), and to Tory, Ryley Ogden, Zoe Trenz, and Hank Holland, who broke the 13-14 200 free relay record (1:58.09).

Win or lose, we always make time to play… at 9am (10 and youngers) or 10 am (older kids).


~Dave, Daria, and Emma

Ridgetop vs Walton Park recap

July 9, 2013- Good Morning Swim Fans:

We swam very well tonight against a large Walton Park squad. Thanks to everyone for staying in the water, staying late, and staying even later… The coaches would like to salute the preteamers who made us so proud with their first splash tonight, and to our graduating seniors who have made us so proud for so many years of dedication: Leigh Allin, Grant Brown, Max Cannon, Freddy Given, Harry Hoke, Emma Landon, Anna Mathews, McKenzie Walker, and Annie Weidhaas.

Grant, in his ninth season, and Annie, in her 14th, were triple winners tonight, for the first time in their careers. Perseverence pays, and what a great lesson to our younger kids!!!

We did a lot of swimming tonight, and I can still hear those beeps ringing in my head…I don’t know what time zone this is now… but I read somewhere that good things come to those who wait:

Ridgetop: 1549.5

Walton Park: 933.5

Tonight we had 6 Quadruple Winners:

Will Coker, Tory Farmer, Colin Fenster, Hank Holland, Abby Holland, and Zoe Trenz

Congratulations also to our baker’s dozen of Triple Winners:

Maddie Andrews, Schuyler Biltz, Anna Bitsko, Grant Brown, Logan Cohn, Owen DeFrancesca, Kate Farmer, James Fraser, Jeffrey Green, William Kurz, Hayden Schwartz, Kathryn Strait, and Annie Weidhaas

New Team Record

Congratulations to Tory Farmer, Hank Holland, Zoe Trenz, and Schuyler Biltz, who broke their own record in the 13-14 200 Medley Relay with a 2:13.14.

We play at 9am (10 and youngers) or 10 am (older kids). Doughnuts will be available for consumption.

Congratulations and good night morning!

~Dave, Daria, and Emma

Ridgetop at Midlo Y results

July 1, 2013- Good Evening Swim Fans:

We had a lovely evening at the Midlothian Y. Thanks to everyone for grinning and bearing it through the early rain- we were rewarded with a cool evening, cool kids, and even cooler splashes & moustaches. After the final hand shake and fist bump, the score was:

Ridgetop: 1317

Midlothian Y: 1203

Tonight we had 4 Quadruple Winners:

Tory Farmer, Colin Fenster, Kathryn Strait, and Zoe Trenz

Congratulations also to our 7 Triple Winners:

Schuyler Biltz, Owen DeFrancesca, Kate Farmer, Abby Holland, Hank Holland, Hayden Schwartz, and Ian Stevenson

New Team Record

Congratulations to Tory Farmer, who broke Andrew Strait’s 13-14 standard from 2007 in the 100 free (1:00.32) with a 1:00.07.

Rain or shine, we’ll play at 9am (10 and youngers) or 10 am (older kids).

Congratulations and goodnight!

~Dave, Daria, and Emma

Ridgetop at Glen Allen results

Hello Swim Fans:

We had a very quick evening over at Glen Allen- even the thunder delay was short-lived!! How rare to be receiving the email before midnight J…Thanks to everyone for the great sportsmanship and neon spirit. We have our share of X and XX studs, but the Riptides improved to 3-0 on the backs of the novice kids who showed up in full force. In the senior boys 50 fly novice, we swept 1st-7th, and any way you slice it, those points add up…

Ridgetop: 1325.5

Glen Allen: 1189.5

Tonight we had 9 Quadruple Winners:

Will Coker, Owen DeFrancesca, Kate Farmer, Tory Farmer, Hank Holland, William Kurz, Ryley Ogden, Kathryn Strait, and Zoe Trenz

Congratulations also to our 4 Triple Winners:

Maddie Andrews, Colin Fenster, Mina Leino, and Ian Stevenson

New Team Records

Zoe Trenz- 13-14 G 100 Free- 59.74 yds (converts to 1:06.01 meters)

Hank Holland- 13-14 B 50 Fly- 28.04 yds (converts to 30.98 meters)

Look Ahead
Fun practice tomorrow morning !!

Wed afternoon: team pictures, Moe’s night, and Float-n-Flick!!!

Good job and good night everyone,

~Dave, Daria, and Emma

Swim Meet – Burkwood at RT results

June 18, 2013

The meet started on time, finished with time to spare, and a good time was had by all… Time and time again, the coaches were pleased to see our kids staying in the pool for all to finish, and reaching across the lane lines to say “good job”. Good job team, and good times indeed! More good times will be had tomorrow morning…until then, kill some time and chew on these numbers:

Ridgetop: 1352.5

Burkwood: 1212.5

Congrats to our 5 Quadruple Winners:

Schuyler Biltz, Owen DeFrancesca, Tory Farmer, Hank Holland, and William Kurz

We also had 5 Triple Winners:

Thomas Best, Will Coker, James Fraser, Charlie Pilc, and Zoe Trenz

There were 2 new team records:

Zoe Trenz: 13-14 girls 100 IM: 1:14.52

Tory Farmer, Zoe Trenz, Schuyler Biltz, Hank Holland: 13-14 Medley Relay: 2:14.55


Leigh Allin and Freddy Given swam in their final races in the Ridgetop waters tonight, and made us all proud. Freddy will be a senior at DSF this fall, and Leigh is headed off to Va. Tech for their interior design program. If they don’t sleep in too too late, one last game of water polo is in order, and we’ll save them a donut or two…

Fun practice

We’ll see you this morning at 9am (10 and unders) and 10am (11 and olders). Krispy Kreme will be on the menu at 10am in the pavilion. Win or lose, we play all-out on fun day. We’ll bring the water polo ball and you bring the game.

Next up: we head to Glen Allen and their 8-lane, 25 yard pool !

Good night all…

~Dave, Daria, and Emma